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Nicole Garneau is an interdisciplinary artist making site-specific performance and project art that is directly political, critically conscious, and community building.

Originally from Chicago, she has been semi-nomadic since 2012. Her book Performing Revolutionary: Art, Action, Activism will be published in Spring 2018 by Intellect. Performing Revolutionary was written in response to the UPRISING project—5 years of monthly outdoor performances exploring practices of revolution. In 2012, she lived in Denmark as part of the Living Copenhagen artist residency, and then continued to tour in Europe, creating participatory UPRISING performances in Russia, UK, and Portugal. In 2010, Nicole collaborated with DJ Erik Roldan to curate and host Northern Lights, a monthly queer performance and dance party in Chicago. In 2005, Nicole created HEAT:05, a durational art project in which she performed every day of the year in order to mark 10 years since the 1995 Chicago heat wave disaster. Nicole is on the Executive Committee of Alternate ROOTS, an organization of artists and activists who center their work in the US South. She holds a B.A. in Theater from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Art from Columbia College Chicago. She taught in Cultural Studies and Women and Gender Studies at DePaul University, Columbia College Chicago, and Eastern Kentucky University. She also makes ceremonies, facilitates meetings, throws parties, and does healing work. EMAIL NICOLE



M.A. Interdisciplinary Arts, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2002  
B.A. Communications and Theater, The University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL 1993 Minor in Russian Language, graduated with honors


2013-17    Artist in Residence at Clear Creek, Rockcastle, KY
2017        Alternate ROOTS Artistic Assistance Grant: Professional Development    
2016        Alternate ROOTS Artistic Assistance Grant: Project Development
2015        Chances Dances Critical Fierceness Grant for Queer Artists
2013        Artist in Residence at Catapult Studios, New Orleans, LA
2013        Artist Residency at Tulane University, Office of Gender and Sexual Diversity
2013        Artist Residency at ISLAND: Institute for Sustainable Living, Art, and Natural Design
2012        Illinois Arts Council Grant
2012        Grant from Live Art Development Agency, UK
2012        Living Copenhagen Artist Residency, Copenhagen, Denmark
2011        Part-Time Faculty Assistance Grant, Columbia College Chicago
2010        Community Arts Assistance Grant, City of Chicago
2010        The Theater Offensive “Come as you are” Grant
2009        Community Arts Assistance Grant, City of Chicago
2009        Ragdale Foundation Artist Residency
2008        Community Arts Assistance Grant, City of Chicago
2007        Blue Sky Project Artist Residency


“Land, Water, Food, Story” Alternate ROOTS’ ROOTSweek, August 2015
“Land, Water, Food, Story” Clear Creek Festival, Rockcastle County, KY, July & September 2015
“Torture Playlist #1 and #2” Sautee Nacoochee Center, Sautee Nacoochee GA, June 2015
“Communion to All Our Queer Saints” Snakepit: Medusa’s Pussy Palace, Bijou Theater, Chicago, October 2014
Performer-Emcee at Cucalorus Film Festival, Wilmington, NC, November 2014
“A Midsummer's Eve: Land~Water~Food~Story” (Singer, Deviser, and Assistant Director), Clear Creek Festival, Berea, KY, July 2014
“Discomfort” Transnocheo at Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics’ Encuentro 2014, Montreal, Canada, June 2014 “Discomfort” Alternate ROOTS Annual Meeting, August 2013

UPRISING: 5-year performance project (2008-2012) monthly, volunteer-performed, site specific works exploring practices of revolution.

UPRISING #60 The End of the World, Bywater neighborhood, New Orleans, LA December 2012
UPRISING #59 School of the Americas Watch, Atlanta, GA November 2012
UPRISING #58 Pine Mountain Settlement School, Harlan County, KY October 2012
UPRISING #57 Clear Creek Festival, Berea, KY September 2012
UPRISING #56 Beacons Festival, Skipton, UK, August 2012
UPRISING #55 Boom Festival, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal, July 2012
UPRISING #54 Home of Thies Molen, Copenhagen, DE June 2012
UPRISING #53 Novodevichy Cemetary, Moscow RU May 2012
UPRISING #51 Roof of Kollektivhuset, Copenhagen, DE March 2012
UPRISING #50 in(X)clusion Arts Festival, Leeds, UK February 2012
UPRISING #49 Hans Knudsens Plads, Copenhagen, DE January 2012
UPRISING #46 Occupy Chicago, October 2011 UPRISING #43 Jane Addams Hull House (Chicago Tortured Justice Memorials), June 2011
UPRISING #42 ROOTSFest, Baltimore, MD, June 2011
UPRISING #41 Home of Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn, Chicago, May 2011
UPRISING #37 Two Abortion Clinics/Reproductive Choice Offices, Chicago, January 2011
UPRISING #35 Transgender Night of Remembrance, Chicago, November 2010
UPRISING #34 Northern Lights at Parlour on Clark, October 2010
UPRISING #33 Clear Creek Festival, Berea, KY September 2010
UPRISING #31 26th & California, Chicago, July 2010
UPRISING #30 United States Social Forum, Detroit, June 2010
UPRISING #27 California College of the Arts, San Francisco, March 2010
UPRISING #26 Gallery 400, Chicago, February 2010
UPRISING #25 Revolution Square, Moscow, Russia, January 2010
UPRISING #22 Dvorak Park/Fisk Coal Processing Plant, Chicago, October 2009
UPRISING #20 Asheville, NC, August 2009
UPRISING #19 Washington Park, Chicago, July 2009
UPRISING #17 Handaxe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY May 2009
UPRISING #16 University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, WI April 2009
UPRISING #15 State of the Union Festival, New Orleans, LA March 2009
UPRISING #14 at “she works flexible now,” Berkeley, CA, February 2009
UPRISING #12 Jane Addams Hull House Museum (AREA 68/08 event), December 2008
UPRISING #11 Nelson Algren Fountain, November 2008
UPRISING #10 Women and Children First Bookstore, October 2008
UPRISING #9 San Lucas United Church of Christ (Young Lords 40 year Reunion), September 2008
UPRISING #8 Grant Park (site of 1968 Democratic National Convention demonstrations), August 2008
UPRISING #7 Bijou Theater and Sex Club, July 2008
UPRISING #3 Community garden, 6100 S. Blackstone, March 2008
UPRISING #1 Intersection of Division/Damen/Milwaukee, January 2008

McHenry County, IL. “Brood 13.” Daily, site specific performances for Blue Sky Project artist residency, 2008.

The Vic Theater: Gurlesque Burlesque. “Sirens/Go to Sleep.” January 2006

HEAT:05. Every day of 2005. A year of daily performances marked 10 years since the 1995 Chicago heat wave disaster. HEAT:05 performances took place in Chicago venues and public spaces, and in Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami Beach, Eugene, OR, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Experiments International Performance Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia. “Bloodrut.” August 2002


Ruth Page Center for the Arts: Lucky Plush Productions. “She/Three.” November 2006
Chopin Theatre: Breakbone Dance Company. “Deadtech.” September 2004
Insight Arts. “a blueprint of the bluegoose.” April-May 2003 Athenaeum Theater.
“Mercy” by Meredith Monk and Ann Hamilton, March 2002
Theater of Moscow South-West. “Mirandolina;” “The Inspector General;” “Dogs;” Dragon.”  1993-1994


Gallery 400. “Platforms: 10 Years of Chances Dances” (group show) September 2015
EVIDENCE: monthly color postcards documenting UPRISING performances, available by subscription, 2008-2012.
Starline Gallery. “Brood 13 Daily Performance Documentation” August 2007
Riverside Art Center. “The Body, the Individual, and the State” (group show) April 2007
Vespine Gallery. “HEAT:05—Performance Documentation by Nicole Garneau,” (Solo show) April 2006


Book in progress: Performing Revolutionary: Art, Action, Activism. To be published by Intellect, UK, Spring 2018.
“UPRISING 68/08” published in AREA: Chicago Art, Education, and Activism, December 2008.
“HEAT:05 Project Log,” published in AREA: Chicago Art, Education, and Activism, January 2006.

Women’s and Gender Studies, DePaul University
[online] Course: LSP 200: Racial Formations in America
Course: Discover Chicago: Women’s Activism         
Course: Explore Chicago: Women’s Theater         
Course: WGS 100: Women’s Lives: Race, Class, Gender         
Course: LSP 200: Racial Formations in America         
Course: WGS 390: Performance as Practice and Resistance

2009-2012    Women and Gender Studies, DePaul University         
Course: Chicago Women in Theater

2004-2011    Humanities, History, and Social Sciences Dept. (Cultural Studies), Columbia College Chicago
Course: Making and Unmaking Whiteness
Course: Introduction to Cultural Studies

Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management Department, Columbia College Chicago
Course: Introduction to Youth Arts Practicum


Co-Facilitated with Anthony Romero: “Artists’ Congress” event in conjunction with the exhibition The Left Front: Radical Art in the “Red Decade,” 1929-1940, Block Museum of Art, May 2014.
“Every Time I go Outside, My Body is a Public Object: Arts and Media Workshop Exploring Sexuality and Gender Identity” at Tulane University, New Orleans. 2013
“Pragmatic Visionaries,” a 24-hour intensive workshop on ceremonial performance practices at the annual meeting of Alternate ROOTS, Arden, NC. 2013
“Art-Oil-Numbers-Bodies-Love: a Live Art Workshop on Oil Economies and Oil Sponsorship of Art & Culture” 3-day intensive in London, August 2012
“Creative Neighborhood Mapping for Community Development,” 6-week workshop for 5th graders at Kildevaeldskolen in Copenhagen, Denmark, Spring 2012
“The Art of Living or Living for Art: A Survival Guide for Artists,” National Performing Arts Convention, Denver, CO, June 2008.
“Learn and Make UPRISING #6” June 27, 2008. Part of Links Hall’s Summer School. Center for New Possibilities
“Critical Pedagogy in the Academy,” (Facilitated 2-day breakout session of 25 participants) Community Arts Convening, Baltimore, MD.
“Presenting Gender[ed] Performance,” National Performance Network Annual Meeting, Cedar Rapids, IA, November 2006.
“Heat Wave” Lecture/Demo, Displacements: Genealogies, Generations, & Geopolitics—the 26th Annual Women in Theater Program Conference, Chicago, IL, August 2006.
“Performance as Social/Political Action,” Public presentation/dialogue presented by Vespine Gallery, Chicago, IL, April 2006.
“Making Public Art without Permission,” Public presentation/dialogue presented by Vespine Gallery, Chicago, IL, April 2006.
“Themes, Materials, and Processes in HEAT:05,” Public presentation/dialogue presented by Vespine Gallery, Chicago, IL, April 2006.


Alternate ROOTS Executive Committee. 2010-2012, 2014-present
National Performance Network Board of Directors, New Orleans, LA. 2006-2012
Insight Arts Board of Directors, Chicago, IL. 1997-2011
Big Smith Percussion Ensemble, Chicago, IL. 1998-2005
Q-WAAR (Queer White Allies Against Racism), Chicago, IL. 1998-2000
Women’s Performance Committee at Insight Arts (produced annual Women’s Performance Jam). 1997-2001
Women’s Action Coalition (WAC), Chicago, IL. 1994-1999