Bonus Family! Dinner with Kumiko's father, Mikio Kaneda

by Nicole Garneau

As we were planning our travels to Kyoto, we discovered that Kumiko's father Mikio Kaneda would also be in Kyoto at the same time we were there! He was kind enough to invite us to meet him for dinner. This was very special for all of us, but especially for Uncle Kent, because this is the first time he has been able to introduce his father-in-law to any of his American family. We met Kaneda-san for a DELICIOUS tempura dinner and had a really nice visit. Kaneda-san told us a lot of stories of the history of Kyoto and its relationship to Tokyo. We also talked about his passion for golfing and his travels around the world. Aria had an American and a Japanese grandparent in the same space for the first time ever. Uncle Kent said this was a highlight of the Kyoto visit for him. 

Nicole Garneau