Sensō-ji in Asakusa, boat to Odaiba, and Shibuya!

by Natalie Garneau

On Monday we went to the Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa. The entrance to the temple had a giant paper lantern and the gods of Wind and Thunder on either sides. Once you walk through the gate there is a bunch of little shops lining the road to the temple. Then we stood next to a huge bronze bowl of burning incense that is considered to be the breath of the gods. Next we walked into the temple and bought fortunes. Ryan was the only one who got a bad fortune and had to tie it up on a little rack. After, we walked to the boat and took a boat ride down the river to the island of Odaiba. We got to walk along the beach and then road a huge Ferris Wheel that looked over the bay and Tokyo. Last we took a train to Shibuya where we took lots of pictures of the intersection and went shopping. We went to Tokyo Hands which is 7 floors of anything you can imagine. To finish the day we took a train back to our house and had Pizza Hut. :)


Nicole Garneau